Brighten up your commercial plant with Banga solar and Longi solar panels

Brighten up your commercial plant with Banga solar and Longi solar panels

Brighten up your commercial plant with Banga solar and Longi solar panels

For developing nations, like India, development cannot be ignored as we have most of the population struggling to make ends meet. And that is why, emphasis must be given to 'Sustainable development'. Solar Energy is a step towards sustainable development, where we generate electricity using solar panels. Energy generated from Solar is fed into grids, and the plants now have capacities in GW scale, by slowly understanding and tackling difficulties over the years. Solar Rooftop is a very promising avenue and should be tapped for the sustainable development we are looking for, and can be used as a profit function, after the initial investment.

Choosing the right Panel

Solar Panels are about 50% of the cost in a solar powered system. A system's efficiency largely depends on the quality of a solar module, since it can be the highest loss producing unit in the system. Hence, utmost care should be taken in choosing one commercial plant.

Modules are segregated on many grounds. The major two being: Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline. Mono-crystalline are made from one silicon crystal, whereas poly-crystalline are made from various fragments of silicon combined. The major losses that pertain to the modules in a solar-powered system are IAM losses, LID losses, losses due to temperature, and losses due to irradiance level (which is the low light response of the module). All this combine to be around 97% of the total losses in a system, depending upon the location and the module manufacturer.

Banga Solar Pvt. Ltd is a Longi Solar Panel distributor in India. A name you can trust, for their reliability, expertise, and unparalleled customer service serving across India. They deal in other solar products as well. Longi 450W datasheet can be found on the website. So, the general thumb rule is that we require about 10 Sq.m for 1kW which could increase or decrease depending on the location and the efficiency of the solar panel you choose. Depending upon the location, a 1kW of solar system can produce approximately 4-5kWh of energy. You can check your monthly energy consumption in your electricity bill.

Longi solar is awarded as the top performing modules by DNVGL, is an international accredited registrar and classification society, one with the stringent criteria of evaluation and research, for the third year consecutively.This mono-crystalline module also offers 0.55% year to year degradation. A 12-year warranty for materials and processing and a 25-year warranty for extra-linear power output are additional to this highly efficient module with the best available features.

In their latest report, Bloomberg NEF once again named LONGi solar as a Tier-1 module in the ranking of Photovoltaic modules manufacturers.

It has also achieved a rating of AAA, which is the highest achievable rating for a photovoltaic module in bankability. Bankability in the financial world means an asset that would generate cash flow, and its reliable enough for a bank to lend you loans.

Longi solar panel result

This means when you decide to establish a commercial plant, LONGi Solar panels are reviewed as the best solar panels that you can count on to get easy loans, and shorter payback period. As the world moves towards solar, we understand that the shift is gradual but necessary and solar systems are long term affairs. The feasible life for a solar system is about 25-years with some annual degradation on a year to year basis. So, when we must plan for a future that far ahead, relying on the best services and components is a prudent approach.

Thinking through the Financial aspects

An efficient module makes an efficient system. Since, India is a tropical country, with lots of sun and high temperatures in summer. A good mono-crystalline module with a low temperature of power coefficient could be a good decision, and LONGi 450W provides us with just that. Banga Solar, the PAN India LONGi solar distributor of the, brings that to you at very reasonable prices with the flag of quality and assurance flying up and high. Hence, you get solar panels commercial plant.

Diving into technology

LONGi solar panels use PERC technology as a reason of which they stand as the best solar panels in the industry. PERC technology literally stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact. Surface passivation helps to prevent unwanted recombination of photogenerated electron-hole pairs. Unlike, standard cells where the rear side is coated black, in case of the PERC technology it is passivated to absorb scattered light. They are also designed to reflect light above a higher wavelength and since they are not coated black, they do not absorb light which prevents the module from heating up unnecessarily that improves productivity by reducing losses.

With advancements in the processing of silicon, the new age modules are lighter and sleeker in appearance. With the combination of advanced PERC technology and mono-technology, these modules give efficiencies even higher than 20%.

It's important to understand these aspects before going for a solar-powered system, to extract maximum benefits from it. Its also important to choose the right distributor so you do not get stuck in transportation delays or get frustrated with poor customer service. Every aspect must be thought on thoroughly to plan for 25 years ahead. Solar is here to stay now, make the best of it with LONGi solar panels and Banga Solar, and relax comfortably in your home while your electricity needs are taken care of without any hassle.

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