India is a sun-rich country and with this star on our side we can rule the world. National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) has estimated a rooftop solar potential of 42.8 gigawatt (GW) and accordingly, a target of 40 GW of installed capacity by 2022 has been set by the government. To understand solar powered system, we need to understand its components. We are all familiar with the giant of the system, the solar panels, which is approximately the 50% cost of the solar powered plants and are fundamental to generating solar energy. But we are often unaware of the role a Solar inverter plays in the system. But let’s change this narrative now!

Let’s simplify the complex inverter circuitry!

An inverter is an electronic device to change DC current to AC current. The electricity our appliances work on is an alternating current that periodically reverses direction from positive to negative. And the reason why power systems use AC current is because we can easily convert voltages in this case using transformers. And power is transmitted at higher voltages to reduce losses. Now, the current produced by the solar panels is DC, since the solar energy stimulates the flow of electrons in a panel, and these electrons flow in one direction; to change this DC supply to AC supply we need solar inverters. Choosing right solar inverters is as important as choosing the right panels. Afterall, the best components ensure the best yield.

Banga Solar- Keeping the sanctityof commitments!

We, at Banga Solar are committed towards a sustainable future and want India to see newer horizons in relation to meeting its solar targets. We realise that happy customers mean industry growth, and we would like to promote a holistic growth. And this is exactly why we believe in serving the best products to our clients.

We are PAN India stockist and distributor of Solis inverter. We have a strong network throughout the value chain, so forget excuses like delays and unavailability. We are always at your command right from 1kW to 255kW. Trust us for quick and safe delivery in 19000+ pin codes across India.

Ginlong Solis inverters was established in 2005 and has a wide experience in the area of string inverters. It is the largest manufacturers of PV string inverters in the world. With 1,000+ employees worldwide, and 200+ technicians in the company.Presented under the Solis brand, the company’s solar inverter product line uses innovative string technology to deliver first-class reliability, validated under the most stringent international certifications.

We have 11 years of experience of creating strong networks and happy customers across India. We have a wide range of solar products available with us. One of which is the Solis string inverter range that is cost-effective and with higher efficiency.

Delivering only the best to your doorstep:

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), a leading provider of primary research on clean energy, advanced transport, digital industry, innovative materials, and commodities. In its Solar Module & Inverter Bankability 2019 report, for the first time, the company made investigations into solar inverters, analysing the bankability of several inverter brands. 'Bankability' means banks are more willing to offer non-recourse loans to photovoltaic power generation projects that opt to use an inverter brand.
Solis' inverters ranked third for Asian brands: a proof that the brand's products are well-recognised by global technical experts and alike. This that result also means project developers are more likely to receive bank financing if they use Solis' products over those of other brands. Its numerous awards can be checked on: Ginlong

Solis was also honoured with the TÜV Rheinland's "All Quality Matters" award for its commercial inverters Solis-(25-50)K-5G in recognition for the outstanding product quality in 2020.

Solis inverters are duly tested under the strictest standards and are certified according to the regional requirements in the countries where they are distributed.Banga Solar provides proper certification and guarantee/warranty with the inverters so that any claim can be made. Solis inverter is listed on approved vendor Lists of leading banks and financing institutes.  Third-party inverter qualification testing was completed by DNV-GL. It is the world’s first inverter to have passed DNV-GL reliability testing. (DNV-GL is an internationally accredited registrar and classification society and are the independent expert in risk management and quality assurance)

Solis inverter products have an outstanding field record in the United States since introducing the product line to the US in 2009.

Features that are too good to be true!

As solar world grows, we seek for efficient work in less time. Some ease has been brought by the inclination towards Wi-Fi inverters, which makes it so easy to monitor performance for the client. We have models of Solis inverters that comes with RS485- Wi-Fi facility in each.

In terms of accessories, it has several accessories from Wi-Fi Sticks, Web Boxes, and Rapid Shutdown Device that improve your efficiency and productivity in terms of generation.

Banga Solar has the most affordable prices since it is the most sought out distributor in the country. Banga Solar takes pride in offering the Solis mini inverter range of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 2500W, 3000W, with great features like Wi-Fi monitoring with applications available both for your iPhone and android devices. So now you can monitor your solar plant on the go, anywhere! Low input voltage range, which enables your system to start just as the Sun hits the rooftop panels. High efficiency, compact and lightweight, with precise MPPT algorithms.

The single-phase inverter range comes in capacities of 4kW and 5kW, suitable for a small-sized house requirement.

The three-phase inverter range comes in capacities of 5kW, 6kW, and 8kW, suitable with multiple protection levels.

All inverters come 5 years standard warranty, 20 years upgradable warranty and it varies from model to model. So much at a stealing price.

You can go through the international certifications the inverters has and check out the datasheets and Warranty section in the download menu. And we have videos too, to guide you through the installation. Also, Ginlong Solis inverters are relatively cheaper with no compromise on quality. We deliver the same. Well, friends of the same feathers flock together! To fly with us towards the sun, and dive in the warmth, call on 1800 890 3051 for Sales and 1800 890 3053 for services.

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