How to Choose The Best Solar Company in India

How to Choose The Best Solar Company in India

How to Choose The Best Solar Company in India

Suppose you can make a one-off initial investment into a rooftop solar system to meet your electricity required during power cut-offs or as an alternative to what is supplied by the state power grids and therefore cut the price on your utility bills. So, overall it is worth the investment.

Many people are stopped from using solar panels. The Rs. 70 per Watt they have to spend to install this system and connect it to the grid. However, the good news is that the Government of India has subsidized this system by 30% and around 70% in certain states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, etc., according to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

As we know, India is geographically positioned in such a way that the significant part of a year remains sunlit, which works as an advantage to the solar company in India. There is hardly any area where overcast weather conditions are experienced outside monsoon. This specific fact is one of the biggest reasons why such a system is advantageous over a long period in India. We have created a list of the best solar company India.

Characters that a solar panel manufacturer should have:
  • Produce some of the best-performing solar panels at a reasonable price.

  • Uses the top grade of silicon to produce solar cells (higher the silicon grade, the longer the solar cell will last and the better it will perform)

  • Controls each stage of the manufacturing process with advanced robotic procedures Invests heavily on R & D.

  • It is vertically integrated, which means that they make their cells and wafers.

What aspects should you keep in mind while choosing and rating the solar panels of the solar company?

While selecting the best solar panels, we have the following to keep in mind the following aspects:

  • The durability of the solar product

  • Efficiency in terms of energy conversion

  • Price of the product

  • The specifications indicate the results when the system is tried against the standard conditions.

  • The materials used in the solar panels

  • Energy coefficient

  • Customer reviews.

Some of the best solar company in India
  • Adani solar panels

    Adani solar panels are one of India's most leading solar company, making a great name by creating the Kamuthi Solar Power Project (The only reported largest single location power plant in the world).

  • Longi Solar panel

    Longi Solar is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. Longi solar Panels also a top-ranking solar panel in India. Longi Solar's module shipment in 2020 ranked top 4 globally, and mono module shipment has stayed No.1 in the world from the year 2016 to 2020. The company's headquarters is in Xi'an, China, and branches in Australia, India, Japan, America, Germany, and Malaysia are also there.

Banga Solar

Banga Solar Pvt Ltd has established itself as one of India's most fast-growing and reliable suppliers of renewable energy products and services. Banga solar works with reputable manufacturers to bring you high-quality and renewable products, technical expertise, and outstanding customer service. Our strengths include our relationship with key suppliers, our knowledge of PV technology, and our experience managing a solar project. Contact us, and we will aid you with any solar products you might need.