Longi Solar Panel Review and Quotes by Solar Experts

Longi Solar Panel Review and Quotes by Solar Experts

Longi Solar Panel Review and Quotes by Solar Experts
The Quality of Panels manufactured by Longi

In this Longi solar panel review, we will discuss Longi products and why they are considered one of the best panel makers and also at what price point there panels are available. Longi, manufacture some of the most efficient panels available in the market of solar panels. Longi solar quotes state exceptional solar panels at an aggressive price and have become one of the six most prominent high-performance solar modules. Longi Company is a Silicon Module Super League branch that collectively supplies around half of all panels globally.

Longi manufactures only Mono panels. Longi products are undoubted recommended when an individual requires both quality and price are essential. If a person is looking for high-efficiency solar power systems without paying extra, then these panels by Longi are an excellent decision.

About the Company Longi

Longi Solar is known as a world-leading manufacturer of monocrystalline high-efficient solar modules and cells. Longi Solar has been concentrating on mono panels for 18 years and is one of the largest suppliers of monocrystalline silicon wafers globally. It also plans to have a production capacity size of 45 GW of the monocrystalline wafer by the end of 2020.

Longi Solar is committed to implementing the best LCOE solutions and improving the worldwide adoption of technology made of monocrystalline.

  • Established in 2000

  • $2.6 Billion are made in total revenue

  • 4.5 GW of products are shipped

  • 6.5 GW of total capacity

The reasons to choose Longi Panel

In this Longi solar panel review, we will provide you few reasons to opt for Longi panels:

Problems with shading on the roof

To meet shading, Longi manufactures a Single crystal (Mono) Perc Solar Panel System. The impact of shading gets reduced by single-crystal (mono) silicon wafers. With Longi, even if the bottom half is shaded, the top half continues to work. Longi does not manufacture a Half Cell Panel which is significantly less efficient.

Affordable solar panel

Longi solar quotes states an aggressive rate of price but with a magnificent performance of the panels. Longi is considered the best value for money. Typically, the panels from Longi have higher efficiencies and are better than other panels at a similar price point. One can opt for the Longi (420W – 455W) Mono panels for the best performance.

Top Performer of the PV Evolution Lab Tests

PV Evolution Labs, with assistance from DNV GL, independently test the reliability of solar panels. The tests are voluntary, with solar panel manufacturers paying to compete in the testing. This testing process is renowned internationally and is an absolute reflection of the solar panel's performance. Longi, in the last report, is named as a top performer in all four tests.

Long-lasting Solar Panels

Longi have been concentrated on producing single crystal (mono) silicon wafers since the early 2000s and only manufactures monocrystalline PERC solar panels. Longi's modules fit into the top-tier solar panels of extraordinary quality and offer a 25-year warranty and a premium price. Generally, their panels are made of technologically leading cells with higher efficiency than their competition at a similar price range.


Longi solar panels are incredibly reliable as they manufacture tier one quality products. One should not have a problem with installing them on their roof. Longi can be undoubtedly recommended for the interested people and want to invest in good quality panels that should lose little in capacity over the years but don't want the baggage of expense of purchasing premium panels.

Longi's financial situation appears reasonably sound. However, we don't have any solid evidence but can suspect that they will be around for a long time in the market.