Solis: Pioneering Technology to Power the World with Clean Energy

Solis: Developing Technology to Power The World With Clean Energy

Solis: Pioneering Technology to Power the World with Clean Energy

Solar energy is the only feasible alternative attributed to a mix of factors, including a rapid need for power resources and concurrently low renewable power output along with limited domestic coal supply.

Solar energy has gone a long way from its humble. The solar business has soared every year as a result of technological advancements. In the perspective of the future of the solar industry, solar energy will outshine fossil fuels as a source of energy generation.

While the solar industry's future sounds optimistic, it will definitely have a profound influence on society.

Power bills will be reduced drastically.

Outrageously high monthly electricity costs have now become a matter of great concern in recent decades. Solar energy, on the other side, emanates from the sun, which is virtually infinite, and no one can limit it.

So, going solar will not only save you money in the first place, but it will also enable you to grow independent of the grid.

Because prices have come down, now is the right opportunity to go solar.

Those who still presume that solar panels are expensive and wasteful should now be prepared to install their own solar panels. The cost of solar has plummeted significantly in the past decade, and owing to technological improvements, and it will continue to fall in the coming years. It's an attractive prospect because of the lesser cost.

The government currently offers a wide range of incentives to encourage the usage of solar energy. As a result, you don't have to be particularly concerned about the price of the solar equipment since the government is already on your side. The numerous discounts will make a move to solar easier and smoother.

In the future years, the solar sector will eventually develop even more.

Solar cells will be able to start creating 1.5 times greater electricity than they do today as a by-product of technical improvements.

Since they transform light by capturing it from both sides of the module, Bifacial PV has risen in importance, permitting them to generate more energy. In the last year alone, the market is estimated to expand by 20%.

Are solar panels sufficient?

Although solar panels are the most important component of the system, they must be supplemented by a solar inverter.

Your solar system's core is comprised of a solar inverter and PV panels. The solar inverter is accountable for ensuring the safety and reliability of the power produced by your solar system, as well as maximizing generation under diverse circumstances to optimize the amount of power delivered.

The solar power inverter translates the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity that can be used in the household, retained in a battery, or transmitted to the electrical grid.

Why should you consider Solis Inverter above other choices available?

According to #BridgetoIndia's most recent published Annual market share Inverter providers from July 2020 to June 2021 in India, Solis inverter was highly rated #No. 1 Inverter Supplier in 2021.

Solis Solar maintains the finest standards of perfection and evaluates potential dangers in order to build plans that are appropriate. Our extremely competent team also provides project commissioning knowledge, with over 280 years of combined solar professional experience.


A solar inverter failure is the root cause of a substantial proportion of equipment failures. As a result, carefully selecting the best solar inverter is extremely critical.

Getting an inverter boils down to knowing exactly what sort of functionality you want and how much you want to invest in it. Solar panels must always be linked with a quality inverter considering inverters are the backbone of a solar system.

You may reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help you in identifying the best solar inverter for your solar panel.