Why Solis Inverter is one of the best Solar Inverter in India?

Why Solis Inverter is one of the best Solar Inverter in India?

Why Solis Inverter is one of the best Solar Inverter in India?

A solar system's inverter is the apex at which the DC electricity produced by solar panels is converted into grid-compatible AC electricity. Typically, there are two paths to inverters - either micro-inverters or string inverters.

Micro-inverters are generally a more expensive solution than a string inverter because micro-inverter implement a small inverter for each installed solar panel. This implies that each panel functions individually, creating more distinctness overproduction and offering some improvements in partly shaded conditions.

String inverters (including all of Solis's product range) have traditionally been the standard in the industry of solar products. These devices transfer the power produced by solar panels to a central inverter that converts it from DC electricity to the usable AC electricity that powers residences.

Here are a few key features of String Inverters by Solis India:

Solis's Intelligent String Monitoring

A String inverter comes with a string monitoring box which is basically an intelligent combiner box that makes monitoring of each string possible. A plant owner can monitor individual string current, voltage, Temperature inside the box, DC disconnector switch status, etc. With the help of this intelligent monitoring of the Solis inverter.

Solis's Smart I-V Curve Scan

The AI Boost Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis feature of the Solis Inverter integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the domain of solar operation and maintenance (O&M). The solution uses the smart photovoltaic (PV) Solis inverters to scan PV strings to obtain the relationship (I-V curve) between the output current and output voltage.

Solis's Built-in PID recovery for better module performance

PID recovery board present in Solis inverter is an intelligent module built inside the inverter to detect PV input voltage. With the recovery function of PID integrated into the inverter, the performance of the production of solar modules in the solar system can be efficiently recovered, and further degeneration is prevented.

Solis's Fuse free design, safe and maintenance-free

The Solis inverters have made significant paces in achieving superior safety and reliability. The fuse design of the Solis inverter includes a single MPPT for every two PV strings which are connected in parallel; even in the case of a malformed string, the short-circuit current will not exceed 10A which is suitably within the capacity level for both the inverter and string. Typically, fuse de-rating and metal fatigue can cause a high fuse failure rate, with risks rising significantly from the fourth year onwards. Solis India's fuse-free design considerably reduces the O&M cost of replacing fuses while enhancing safety.

Solis's Supports to aluminium wire access to reduce cost

Aluminium contributes a better conductivity to weight ratio than copper ones. It, therefore, is also used for wiring power grids, including overhead power transmission lines and for power wiring of some aeroplanes as well as local power distribution lines. Solis inverter has used aluminium wire for electrical transmission because of the weight and cost advantages over copper wires. Aluminium wire in power distribution and transmission applications is still the favoured material today.

Solis's 5O% DC overloading capacity

A solar power plant rarely delivers nameplate capacity power as only during limited peak hours, solar modules perform at their maximum efficiency. Therefore, it has become routine industry practice to over-size the capacity of the DC module, a concept that is commonly known as DC overloading. This feature present in the Solis inverter allows solar plants to increase production during non-peak hours and optimizes overall performance.

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