Longi Panel Mono Perc-450W

Longi Solar is a leading manufacturer of reliable, technologically advanced, value-based mono-crystalline solar panels. Longi contributes to approximately a quarter of the solar panel market demand, and holds the highest market value of any solar technology company in the industry. Longi's PERC cell technology is comprised of passivated rear side and laser grooving, with significantly improves cell efficiency. This leads to outstanding energy production even in low light and low temperature environments.


  • 25% reduction in Area required
  • 25% reduction in Mounting structure
  • 20% saving in DC cable
  • Better generation
  • Lowest degradation


Customers About Our Solar Panels

“Everyone, from the first phone call to the last, has been a pleasure to deal with. All of our requests were taken into account and incorporated into the project. The installation process was astonishingly smooth. I would recommend you to all my friends. Thank you so much.”


Sr. Engineer Procurement and Projects

Banga Solar has been there for us since the very beginning. Helping us to grow our company in the solar industry. Along with the great service from their salesmen to great technical advice from their engineers. It’s a pleasure doing business with Banga Solar”

Amrut P

Founder, Amrut Energy Pty Ltd

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